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The Story of Keatitude

Keatitude were together in Berlin from 2005 to 2009. The trio was founded as Dodoland in spring 2005, choosing the name in honour of the Dodohaus, the place where they first played. The project was to fuse the influences of their very different musical backgrounds. A style emerged which fans called folk-pop-art. The band changed its name to Keatitude at the beginning of 2008. After playing some fifty concerts and recording two CDs, "Quick as the Night" and "Timeless in the Sky", Keatitude, considering the project fulfilled, chose to disband. They hope the love and commitment they expended on the music is captured forever in the recordings and that a wider audience grows for the work they leave behind.

Dietmar Dombrowsky, born in Mauritius, brought the tradition of French and African rhythms to the band. Narin Kiki, from Germany, added roots in choral music and Latin American dance. Stephen Laskey, born in London, contributed his immersion in the folk and popular music of Anglo-American culture.

The music of Keatitude is arranged for three voices, two guitars and light percussion. All the songs were composed by one or more members of the band.


(Hélène Lorrain, 2006)


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